Test Bank Global Marketing Management 8th Edition Keegan

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Test Bank Global Marketing Management 8th Edition Keegan

The leading MBA text in international marketing–with comprehensive cases.
This leading book in international marketing features comprehensive cases that cover consumer, industrial, low tech and high tech, product and services marketing.

Tables Of Content:

I. Introduction and Overview
1. Introduction to Global Marketing

II. The Global Marketing Environment
2. The Global Economic Environment
3. The Political, Legal, and Regulatory Environments of Global Marketing
4. The Global Cultural Environment

III. Analyzing and Targeting Global Market Opportunities
5. Global Customers
6. Global Marketing Information Systems and Research
7. Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

IV. Global Marketing Strategy
8. Global Entry and Expansion Strategies
9. Competitive Analysis and Strategy

V. Creating Global Marketing Programs
10. Product Decisions
11. Pricing Decisions
12. Global Marketing Channels
13. Global Integrated Marketing Communications

VI. Managing the Global Marketing Program
14. Global Organization and Leadership: Managing the Global Marketing Effort
15. Global Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability
16. The Future of Global Marketing


What Is Test Bank?
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Test Bank Global Marketing Management 8th Edition Keegan
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