Solution Manual Thermodynamics for Engineers 1st Edition Kroos

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Solution Manual Thermodynamics for Engineers 1st Edition Kroos

ISBN-13: 978-1133112860
ISBN-10: 1133112862

Table of Contents:

1. Basic Concepts and Systems of Units.
Introduction. Dimensions and Units. Properties, Processes, and Equilibrium. Pressure. Temperature. Energy. Summary.
2. Properties of Pure Substances.
Phases of a Substance. Internal Energy and Enthalpy. Refrigerants. Ideal Gas Law. Real Gas Equations of State. Internal Energy and Enthalpy of Ideal Gases. Specific Heats of Liquids and Solids. Summary.
3. The First Law for Systems.
Work. Heat Transfer. Problem Solving Method. The First Law Applied to Systems. The First Law Applied to Various Processes. Cycles. Summary.
4. The First Law Applied to Control Volumes.
The Conservation of Mass for Control Volumes. The First Law for Control Volumes. Unsteady Flow. Devices Combined into Cycles. Summary.
5. The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
Second Law Concepts. Statements of The Second Law of Thermodynamics. Cycle Performance Parameters. The Carnot Cycle. Summary.
6. Entropy.
Inequality of Clausius. Entropy. of an Entropy Change in Substances. Entropy Changes for a Control Volume. Isentropic Efficiency. Exergy (Availability) and Irreversibility. Summary.
7. Thermodynamic Relations.
The Maxwell Relations. The Clapeyron Equation. Relationships for Internal Energy, Enthalpy, Entropy, and Specific Heats. The Joule-Thompson Coefficient. Real Gas Effects. Summary.
8. The Rankine Power Cycle.
Energy Sustainability. The Rankine Cycle. Modified Rankine Cycles. Cogeneration Cycles. Losses in Power Plants. Summary.
9. Gas Power Cycles.
Air-Standard Analysis. Reciprocating Engine Terminology. The Otto Cycle. The Diesel Cycle. Other Gas Power Cycles. Brayton Cycle. The Combined Brayton-Rankine Cycle. Summary.
10. Refrigeration Cycles.
The Vapor Compression-Refrigeration Cycle. Cascade Refrigeration Systems. Absorption Refrigeration. Gas Refrigeration Systems. Summary.
11. Mixtures and Psychrometrics.
Gas Mixtures. Air-Vapor Mixture and Psychrometry. Air-Conditioning Processes. Summary.
12. Combustion.
Introduction. Combustion Reactions. The Enthalpy of Formation and the Enthalpy of Combustion. Adiabatic Flame Temperature. Actual Flame Temperature. Equilibrium Reactions. Summary.
13. Alternative Energy Conversion.
Biofuels. Solar Energy. Fuel Cells. Thermoelectric Generators. Geothermal Energy. Wind Energy. Ocean and Hydroelectric Energy. Summary.
14. Thermodynamics of Living Organisms.
Energy Conversion in Plants. Energy Conversion in Animals. Generation of Biological Work. Summary.

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Solution Manual Thermodynamics for Engineers 1st Edition Kroos
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